Restoring an Archer 2 Field PC to Factory State (Hard Reset)

1. Introduction

If a problem occurs with the Archer 2 Field PC, which cannot be solved with a reset or software re-installation, a last resort exists in the form of returning the unit to its factory state, sometimes referred to as a 'hard reset'.

We recommend you consult with a Soil Instruments support engineer before returning the Field PC to its factory state, as the process may not actually be necessary to solve the issue.

Restoring the device to factory settings will clear everything on the Field PC, so any personal data should be backed up first.

Your Software database will be safe on the micro SD card, along with the re-installation files for the software.

2. Restoring the Device to the Factory Setup

In order to return the Field PC to its factory state, follow the below steps:

Hold the power button for a few seconds until the power menu appears

On this menu, tap 'Reset'

Once the screen turns black, hold the power button until a blue screen with two sliders appears

On this screen, referred to as the 'Bios screen', slide the 'Set Factory Defaults' slider to 'Yes'

Tap 'Exit'

Once the Field PC has booted up, it will ask you to set the date and time, set these to your local time zone

After this process has been completed, the Field PC should be restored to its factory setup, if this does not appear to be the case, repeat the process.

3. Setting the Field PC up and Reinstalling Programs

When the Field PC was supplied by Soil Instruments, it will have already been configured.

Returning the Field PC to its factory state will clear this configuration, please follow the below steps to set the device up:

3.1 Setting up the backlight:

Tap 'Settings', then 'System', then 'Backlight'

On 'Battery Power', set the 'LEDs' slider to the top, the 'Keypad' slider to the bottom, and the 'Display' slider three notches from the top

Do the same on 'External Power'

Make sure 'Dim backlight if device is not used for:' is set to 'Never' on both 'Battery Power' and 'External Power'

Tap 'OK'

3.2 Setting the power settings:

Tap 'Settings', then 'System', then 'Power'

On 'Advanced', make sure both check boxes are not crossed

3.3 Setting the regional settings:

Tap 'Settings', then 'System', then 'Regional Settings'

On 'Region', set the region to the appropriate region for you.

When you press ok, the device will instruct you to reset it.

Reset the device

3.4 Setting the PC connections

Tap 'Setting", then 'Connections', then 'USB to PC'

Ensure the checkbox 'SD Card - Use as external device' is checked.

3.5 Pairing the Bluetooth

To Create the Bluetooth Pairing Between the instrument and Field PC:

On the home screen, make sure the Bluetooth icon is lit up green (it may be blue, this is fine), if it is not, tap it (the Bluetooth icon is on the right hand side, middle row)

Tap 'Settings', then 'Connections', then 'Bluetooth'

Make sure your Instrument is powered on, is close to you and the blue 'Comms Ready' light is not lit

On 'Devices' tap 'Add new device...'

Once the Field PC discovers the Instrument, tap it and tap 'Next'

Tap 'Next' without entering a passcode

The Field PC will ask if you want to pair the devices, tap 'Yes'

Enter '0' in the password box and tap 'Next'

Tap 'Done' once the dialog box appears

On 'COM Ports', tap 'New Outgoing Port'

Select the Inclinometer you are using and tap 'Next'

Select 'COM9' and make sure 'Secure Connection' is not crossed

Tap 'Finish' and then 'OK'

3.6 Reinstalling the necessary programs:

First, connect your Field PC to a desktop computer, go into 'File Explorer', it should show as a removeable device. Copy the file with the extension  '.sdf' to the desktop of the PC as a backup

Tap 'sqlce.ppc.wce5.armv4i.CAB' and install to device

Tap the other .cab file, the name will depend on the specific software, and install to device.

Copy the newly created '.sdf' file from 'SD Card' into 'My Documents'

Copy the '.sdf' file from the desktop PC back into 'SD Card'

Return to the Field PC's home screen and run the software, making sure the site setups are as they were before the factory restore