Datalogger Connection Software Options

1. Introduction
Data Acquisition Systems can be connected to using three different types of software, these being PC200W, PC400 and Loggernet. In this article we will provide a description of each piece of software as well as pros and cons to using each.

2. PC200W
PC200W is the most basic of the three software pieces, it allows you to configure and read a logger via direct connection, it also support the use of Campbell Shortcut software for writing and installing datalogger programs if you have the know how.

Free to download and use
Allows you to fully control and read a logger via direct connection
The easiest to pick up and use of the three
Does not allow you to remotely configure or read from a logger
Does not support scheduled data collection

3. PC400
PC400 is the middle of the road option for datalogger software, it has some more features than PC200W, but less than Loggernet. This has all the features of PC200W, with the added ability to be connected to by phone modem, multidrop module and more for a choice of simple remote connection options.

Cheaper than Loggernet
Allows control of a logger via direct connect, phone modem, multidrop, Ethernet and radio.
Easy to pick up and use
More expensive than PC200W
Does not support scheduled data collection

4. Loggernet
The most powerful of the three options, this is the option we recommend to most customers, as scheduled data collection and the full range of graphing options are often crucial to a successful monitoring plan. This software allows you to connect to a logger with a wide range of communication options, build custom display screens to specific requirements, graph data in real time and much more.

Allows the full range of communication options; direct connect, phone modem, multidrop, Ethernet, radio, satellite, IP connection, short haul and more
Allows for scheduled data collection, allowing for a fully automated monitoring solution
Gives a wide range of graphing options, allowing the data to be shown in the most applicable way
Allows you to build custom display screens to show the data how you want to
The most expensive solution of the three
The most complex to learn of the three (but still quite easy)